Cosmic Dealer is a high-vibes, new alchemy wellness brand providing functional tools and products for the modern day self-care routine. The founder, Monique has devoted herself to translating Ayurvedic rituals into modern lifestyles and self-care rituals through her brand Cosmic Dealer ever since she attended her first Ayurvedic retreat in Spain. Her products are anchored in the belief that tiny changes can lead to big shifts in overall wellbeing and health. Ecologically and ethically responsible, Cosmic Dealer only works with the best artisans, ateliers, ashrams, gardens, and kitchens to develop their wellness products. They use only the highest quality ingredients and materials, sourcing certified ethically sourced cacao, high-grade botanical extracts, organic 100% natural Ayurvedic herbs and will not use any industrial ingredients, artificial flavours, additives or plastic packaging.