Matcha Chocolate
Matcha Chocolate

Matcha Chocolate

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Beautiful emerald matcha white chocolate made from award-winning matcha from an exclusive Southern Japan matcha-grower and cacao butter from organic, rainforest-alliance plantations in Ecuador and Dominica: no sugar added, organic, high fibre, seriously delicious.

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NOMOSU is on a mission to slash global sugar consumption with their naturally sweetened chocolate bars. Made with the world’s only organic and purely-water-extracted stevia, NOMOSU allows you to attain the full benefits of longevity-promoting cacao without sugar’s harmful effects. Samples are available upon request.

They aim to significantly improve people’s health and wellbeing by creating sugar-free, organic treats that are health-enhancing and seriously delicious.

Beyond the 100% recyclable paper and compostable cellulose packaging, Rainforest Alliance and organic certifications, NOMOSU invests in organic cacao forests which are biodiverse circuses of birds, butterflies, squirrels and other pollinators, and diverse flora. Stevia also ranks extremely highly in its carbon capture capacity, helping towards reversing climate change.

Pure pleasure (it tastes delicious) without regrets. All dark chocolates and almond butter chocolate are vegan. The milk and matcha chocolates are vegetarian.