In 2020 it's been more important than ever before that we take care of our bodies AND minds each day. Making sure we eat well, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take time-out when we need it are cornerstones of self-care, helping us stay healthy, happy and resilient. We're constantly on the go and so focussed on social media and technology that we don't always take time for ourselves. Me-time is usually last on the agenda, but stopping to reflect and press pause can reduce our stress, help us sleep better and ultimately lead to a calmer, more balanced mindset. Whether you're into yoga, reading, meditation, pampering or a gratitude practice, here are some products to help you press pause & find a moment of zen in hectic lives

Light a candle before bed and listen to a 10 minute meditation - we love the Calm app and the MOSS No1 luxury scented candle, based on the soothing scents of Hong Kong's Man Ho Temple.

Start a gratitude practice with the Ponderlilly Daily Planner - filled with tips and actions to help you bring achieve a more balanced and positive life

Spend 20 minutes a day reading 'Calm' by The School of Life. Find tips on how to manage your emotions, reduce stress and teach your brain to react differently.

Soak in a hot bath with MALAKO's award winning magnesium & spirulina bath soak and a soothing spotify playlist (glass of wine optional).

Get comfy and live your best 'HYGGE' life with luxury sheepskin cushions and rugs from Fibre by Auskin and an episode of Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast.


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