Birthday Cake Bath Salts
Birthday Cake Bath Salts
Lovely Skincare

Birthday Cake Bath Salts

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Soak yourself in a birthday cake scented tub with these raspberry and toasted marshmallow bath salts. Grab a handful (or two) and let them melt into a hot bath. Then just lie back and ignore your responsibilities for as long as necessary. Additional cake is optional but recommended! All products are made by hand in Lovely's workshop in Sheffield, and tested only on Lovely human beings.

The detail...

Sea salt, Epsom salt, dendritic salt (sodium chloride), fragrance.

This product is 100% natural and vegan

About the designer…
Lovely is an artisan skincare and beauty company based in Sheffield who believe that the products we use every day on our skin should be natural, affordable and beautiful. They also believe that just because we feel so strongly about our environmental roots, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously. So not only does their skincare feel great on your skin, look great in your bathroom and do great things for your bank balance, but the fun and inventive products and scents bring a Lovely big smile to your face. Handmade in Sheffield using their very own extra special skincare recipes, with only the best quality, ethically sourced ingredients, to make sure they’re not only fun but also fabulous! In short, this is Lovely skincare for Lovely people.