Bumblebee & Hive Pendant

Bumblebee & Hive Pendant

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There is something magical about the determination of a bumblebee and the mesmerising hives they create.  The bumblebee almost looks like it is made of sunshine and the hives they build are made from gold. This gorgeous necklace has a small detailed design for maximum, dazzling impact. The Bumblebee & Hive includes a gold mirror hive which compliments the wide range of textures of the Bumblebee, using matte rose gold acrylic, matte gold acrylic, matte clay acrylic and two beautiful hand-mixed Japanese acrylics. A radiant, beautiful piece design to hypnotise, amaze and shine bright.

The details...
  • The Bumblebee & Hive Pendant was seen in Agatha Raisin series four.
  • The Bumblebee & Hive is approximately 2” (50mm) in length.
  • The pendant uses an 18” (450mm) chain.

About the designer...

Sstutter is an independent brand bringing innovative and intense acrylic statement jewellery.  Laser cut and hand made in London - Sstutter has been making statements since 2013.  Designer Phil Wykes has a passion for design which needs to be heard.  Sstutter became a chance to share his inspiration, vision and skill.  He decided to focus on layering laser cut acrylics in various colours and textures and to include intricate etching and inventive articulation.  Phil wanted to explore shape and put each design in a dynamic range of colourways to suit all our different voices, for the different moods, feelings and occasions we experience.