Dinner Date Necklace
Dinner Date Necklace

Dinner Date Necklace

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The Creatures Of The Night collection is inspired by ‘80s fashion and horror.

In the day nothing matters, it’s the night time that flatters. Create your world and transform into your wildest dream with this vibrant and exotic collection. Dare to lose your self control and be consumed by your passion. Express yourself living only for the night. Invite a stranger out for a bite to eat, what could possibly go wrong? The night is no doubt exciting, but there are a lot of vampires out there. When they don’t play nice it usually means they are instead playing with their food. Let’s hope you enjoy it. The mouth, especially a vampire mouth, is an iconic image of pop culture. From Rocky Horror to the Rolling Stones. Based on an original colour pencil sketch, this mouth was then transformed via computer into laser cut gloss acrylic. The attention to detail is almost unnatural, as is the vibrancy of the colours that almost glow. Wow with animal attraction. This moment may be your last however it will definitely be worth it.

*** The utmost care should be given to mirrored and printed acrylic.  Any contact made with solvents and alcohol based perfumes/aftershaves will WITHOUT FAIL permanently damage the surface and cause a condition called 'crazing'.  Put sprays on BEFORE adding your accessories.***

The detail...

  • Approximately 6.5” (160mm) x 7" (180mm) in total.
  • Mounted on a curb chain approximately 14.5" (350mm) in length. Included is a detachable extension of 6" (150mm) giving a further option for styling.
  • Made from laser cut acrylic with plated chain and findings (nickel compliant to British and European standards).

About the designer...

Sstutter is an independent brand bringing innovative and intense acrylic statement jewellery.  Laser cut and hand made in London - Sstutter has been making statements since 2013.  Designer Phil Wykes has a passion for design which needs to be heard.  Sstutter became a chance to share his inspiration, vision and skill.  He decided to focus on layering laser cut acrylics in various colours and textures and to include intricate etching and inventive articulation.  Phil wanted to explore shape and put each design in a dynamic range of colourways to suit all our different voices, for the different moods, feelings and occasions we experience.