Food'ie in Dark Grey
Food'ie in Dark Grey
Food'ie in Dark Grey
Food'ie in Dark Grey

Food'ie in Dark Grey

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100% taste experience in first-class food-grade stainless steel. The FOOD'IE keeps your food hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours. Perfect on the go - for your breakfast porridge, pasta dishes, wok dishes, soups, yoghurt, baby food, or even for ice cubes. Eat with ease - the Food'ie is made of 1st class stainless steel 18/8 that does not interact with your food. Bonus: with your recyclable FOOD'IE you can actively help reduce waste packaging and stop food waste.

The detail..

Capacity 500 ml
Opening 7 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 374 g

Each product is laboratory certified to meet or exceed LFGB (food contact grade testing). 


About the Designer...
AYA&IDA is a Danish-owned family business, with the names AYA & IDA being two of the owners' daughters. The thinking behind the brand is working to address the limitations that will exist for future generations if we continue our consumption carelessly. They believe that a more responsible lifestyle benefits everything and everyone. All that’s needed are the right products – and products made from natural materials can have long, functional lives and then return to where they came from, rather than accumulating in a landfill. The brand combines design, functionality and elegance in products that are all associated with a mission - to reduce excessive plastic waste, while making a difference for the people who do not have the same opportunities that exist in Denmark through the company’s charitable foundation.