Mila Female Form Candle
Mila Female Form Candle
Mila Female Form Candle
Mila Female Form Candle
Mila Noire

Mila Female Form Candle

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This uniquely handmade candle is made in Oslo, Norway. Often said to be too pretty to burn, it's perfect to mix and match with other sculptural candles.

The detail...

Material: Soy wax (vegan and biodegradable)
Scent: Non
Size: 10cm
Colour: Creamy white
Note: Due to this product being handmade individually and coloured individually, there may be natural variances. The Sculptural Candle is made of 100% soy wax which also makes it prone to some frosting. Mila Noire always try to make the perfect candle with the least possible frosting, and clean cuts underneath so that the lights are stable. They will never ship a candle that does not reach their quality expectations. Frosting is a sign that you are using 100% natural soy wax.

About the designer...

Mila Noire Studio is a small business based in Oslo, Norway that began as a lockdown hobby, but turned into a business when a growing number became interested in Mila's high quality and beautiful candles. There is a lot of love & attention in every single product, with all products being made by Mila Noire herself in small batches or individually. Mila Noire focuses on using quality materials to create luxurious and detail-oriented products.