Rise Play Alarm Clock
Rise Play Alarm Clock

Rise Play Alarm Clock

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Rise Play is the multifunctional marvel that redefines your mornings and elevates your leisure time. This compact, sleek, and modern design seamlessly combines functionality with style, making it your new morning and music companion. Rise Play isn't just an alarm clock; it's your personal DJ. Connect any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in your favorite tunes or radio stations. Let the world's melodies awaken you with a whole new way to experience music.

The detail..

  • Length: 16.5 cm, Width: 8cm, Height: 4.5cm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Colour: Orange/Purple

About the designer...

Steepletone is all about innovation, not imitation.  They strive to bring new and exciting products to the marketplace.  A family run business based in Oxfordshire that dates back to 1972.