Vanilla & Sandalwood Candle 500ml
Ore Mi

Vanilla & Sandalwood Candle 500ml

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This Vanilla & Sandalwood candle smells of dominant aromatic woodsy Sandalwood notes supported by cedarwood nuances and finally blended with a substantive base of vanilla pods. 

These large candles are hand-poured into 500ml amber jars with the signature Oré Mi label and a black gloss lid.

This candle burns for up to 70 hours. 

Scent Story 

"When we would visit my parents’ home in Ibadan, in Nigeria, I’d sit out in our compound and watch my mum and my aunties cook Puff Puff, a sweet doughy treat, using a huge wok-like pan over an open flame. The Puff Puff tasted so sweet. It had hints of vanilla essence in it, paired with the smoky aroma in the air from the fire. I don’t know what it is, but in Nigeria all food seems to taste fresher and sweeter. I created this scent to remind me of those moments."

About the designer...

Oré mi is an independent wellbeing brand founded in 2019. They create handmade lifestyle products with luxurious, lasting scents. Each one is made in London, inspired by the founder's Nigerian heritage.

In the fast-paced, digitally connected world we live in, our collective wellbeing is often treated as an afterthought. At Oré mi, they believe that our senses are powerful; and that through the ritual of lighting a candle or exploring new scents, we can transform the way we feel. Much like the relief you have after venting to a friend. 

Oré mi – an expression which means my friend in Yoruba – was founded by Karen Olla in 2019. The brand melds Karen’s Nigerian heritage with her upbringing in London, in a collection of warm, grounding and restorative scents which draw upon her life experience. Most importantly of all, the brand was born out of her desire to break the taboo which surrounds the topic of mental health in the Black community.