Hello to Helen from The Custard Tart

Say hello to Helen, the creator and owner of The Custard Tart, one of our summer joining partners at The Store Collective. 

 A image of Helen from The Custard Tart wearing a black and white dress standing in front of a the Curated Collective shop Sign

We sat down with Helen to enjoy a actual custard tart and learn more about her and her wonderful business. 


Hi Helen, tell us about yourself

I'm originally from Liverpool, but I have lived in Ealing for 18 years and am a Mum of 2. During the miserable 2021 lockdown, I looked around for something creative I could do at home, I love ceramics, but it's challenging to do without all the equipment. I saw Jesmonite on Instagram and ordered a starter kit. I was immediately hooked. It's so versatile, and I loved how tactile the finished products are. Before long, my new hobby had taken over my entire kitchen - The Custard Tart was born!


I make homewares such as plant pots, trinket dishes, candlesticks and more. Everything is handmade in small batches in my studio in Ealing - the nature of the material and the process means every item is unique.

The Custard Tarts jesmonite plant pots in pink and green, green and cream and shite with rainbow colour jesmonite flakes

Whats inspires you?

I'm inspired by anything and everything. The sea, the sky and, more recently, the colours on a tin of sardines in a Greek supermarket! 

The Custard Tarts jesmonite round tray in white with jesmonite rainbow flakes 

How did your journey with The Store Collective begin?

I was excited to see The Store Collective pop up in Ealing and even more so when it became a permanent feature. It's a great addition to the local shopping options, and what a fantastic idea to showcase local artists. I was starting my jesmonite journey when I first shopped there so it has been on my radar for a while. I just needed to build up some confidence in what I was making!

The opportunity to meet fellow makers and learn more about the selling process is precious. I'm excited to be part of such a supportive community I already love.


The Custard Tarts jesmonite trays in pink, blue and orange, some in cloud shape others circular


Do you have a motivational quote?

I have a print in my studio that says 'Less Self Doubt'. I'm trying to adhere to this as I'm my harshest critic. I'm not very good at putting myself out there. It feels very personal when you're working with something you have made yourself - but I'm working on it.


Thank you so much, Helen, for your time. 


Each of our Local Partners are stocked in our shop in @ealingshopping.

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